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OOh la la CHERIE PERI…….


I started PERI, pure eco rag industry, because I love fashion but wanted to do something that was kind to mother earth. I had worked for some major LA brands and had learned a lot from being apart of their rapid growth. I knew I wanted to design and build my own label but I wanted it to be different then what I had been exposed to. Thus an early morning Aha moment, to be as eco-friendly as possible and made in LA. I grew up in fairly rural town in Northern California and have a deep love of nature.

We are lucky in California to have so much variation in our landscape; it inspires every collection from ocean to the mountains to the desert. I design hoping to evoke that passion in the gal who purchases PERI. I am always interested in new beautiful eco-friendly fabric, they are becoming much more accessible. The eco-friendly awarness in the fashion world is really changing the way things are being done and it is exciting to be apart of it. …if you are moving towards it, you are not moving away from it!

peace+love PERI

Wrap Party for Beauty Consultants- 2013

Wrap Party for Beauty Consultants – 2013